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The other of the three-chapter “Abyss of the Shrine Maiden” down-loadable expansion story with regard to Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization—“Chapter II: Tuner of Causality”—will launch with regard to Playstation 4 and PS Vita with July 21 inside Americas and The eu, Bandai Namco launched.

Here’s the Kirito costumes and review of the second page, via Bandai Namco:

The other DLC will discover Kirito and their friends pursuing some sort of mysterious masked girl via the new frozen stage included in ice and snowfall. They won’t be alone from this adventure thanks to your presence of a celebration of hunters to help the crew with fighting monsters together with bosses. But what’s taking place , with the mystical girl?

With the most crucial scenario comes that Heroine Quest. You will have the opportunity to practice with Kirito and Leafa to try a new attacker skill level and help Philia discover a mysterious prize box.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization is accessible now for Playstation 4 together with PS Vita.
While we’re a lot more than impressed with Vicarious Visions’ reprise of Crash Bandicoot’s PlayStation 4 debut with Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, there’s still several things we found fault for it.

Either old higher education trappings that do not ever got updated and changed, technical factors, or an higher difficulty curve, there’s several things we wanted changed from this Crash Bandicoot trilogy. Together with yes, once ever again, we know most of the complaints here are generally bordering on nitpicking.

Agree with some of our complaints? Issues and not, Crash Bandicoot is really back and supporters are speaking with the correct way they know precisely how: by using their own buying power! Tell us your complaints approximately Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy inside comments below.
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Only roughly 1/4 of active Rocket League people play the Game with Steam on PC while most active players in the last year, in such a case, 41 percent, love the PlayStation 4 edition.

This information comes with an infographic in the Game's developer that details that the multi-platform car-powered football Game is faring after eighteen months out on the globe.

The fact that will Psyonix listed that PlayStation 4 as the most used Rocket League platform isn’t exactly surprising since company put that Game up 100 % free through Sony’s Ps Plus program correct at launch.

But what some should find interesting is that PC isn’t that Game’s second most favored platform. Instead, 32 percent with active players in earlier times year preferred that Xbox One while just 27 percent used the Steam version in the Game.

At eighteen months out from relieve, the Game comes with surpassed 33 million players additionally. And, despite it's age, Psyonix says that will Rocket League still saw typically 6. 1 million people a month within the last year, which fights to an usual 1. 6 million players on a daily basis across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, together with Steam.

Those numbers come just in advance of Rocket League’s Nintendo Switch release even though the Game is relating to the verge of checking cross-platform online multiplayer between most of its designs. Notably, the PlayStation 4 is a only platform not shipped with Rocket League’s cross-platform forthcoming given Sony's pressure about exposing it's users to influences past “the PlayStation curated galaxy. ”
Back with May, a heavily network . man was arrested looking to bring several company, knives, body suits, and other instant weapons into Phoenix Comic Con. Their mission: kill ex - Green Power Ranger Jason David Frank. No, really. Luckily, the man has been captured before he might cause any harm, nevertheless incident did trigger Phoenix Comic Con banning just about all cosplay weapons and Prop weapons in the convention floor together with forcing vendors who sell these phones wrap them in place, where they had to remain at the time of the show.

Bleeding Cool’s Dan Wickline speculated that the could have permanent repercussions for forthcoming shows:

This is not when a violent condition has occurred for a convention, but we for a community have been lucky getting the club this point. The incident in Phoenix can have convention promoters country wide starting to review their own personal security procedures. Imagine if wands together with bag checks turn into a regular thing in the San Diego Comic Con. This is a true fall using what happened previous weekend… how conventions will vary going forward or and what will happen if people don’t.

And even, weapons policies get tightened at illustrates, including at that upcoming Anime Expo, happening July 1 – July 5 in the Los Angeles Convention Center. Anime Expo’s guns anime merchandise policy, promoted as recently on the Facebook page with June 21, states:

Prop weapons Are Allowed Only when They Are Peace-Bonded just by Weapons Check.

Prop weapons are inoperable guns that support the complete look of ones costume or dynamics. For example, nasty Airsoft guns, Nerf company, water guns, dart company, disc guns, pellet company, and cap company are Prop weapons.

Prop weapons ought to be submitted to “Weapons Check” with regard to Peace Bonding. SPJA maintain a pool of sole discretion to help approve Prop weapons. Anime Expo’s Guns Check booths are generally in both the South Hall Lobby along with the West Hall Lobby. Other Event Guns Check booths will be designated in that programs and with signs.

We May revoke Peace Bonding everytime in our main discretion. For case, we will revoke approval should you use or brandish that in an poor fashion (like play-fighting, dogging the weapon available, or if people is hit deliberately or otherwise). We will additionally revoke approval when we receive complaints about profession are using and displaying your brace weapon or futuristic product, or if you tamper along with the device that Guns Check uses showing that your prop weapon may be Peace Bonded.

Together with:

If you get hold of prop or other weapons in the Event, you must right away submit it to help Weapons Check or immediately take it off from the Occurrence hall.

But it surely looks like guns could now end up banned entirely. Consistent with an email mailed last night and posted by the vendor on Facebook, Anime Expo is usually banning the sales fulfillment off costume weapons in the show, wrapped and not, not health of their own volition, but by mandate in the Los Angeles Police Department:

And if that mandate is from the LAPD, and not necessarily the convention, could we discover control over weapons policies recinded from conventions and positioned in the hands with local police sections, who are not as likely to sympathize along with the desires of cosplayers and Prop weapons vendors?

People reached out to help Susan Celli of IRL events, listed as being the sender of the e-mail above. However, Celli directed us to get in touch with Mark Manansala, CEO in the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation, the planners of Anime Expo. Celli neither proven nor denied sending the e-mail. We have not necessarily yet received a reply from SPJA.

Take note: This article has been updated to clarify it's technically weapons gross sales fulfillment, not gross sales themselves, that are banned in the show.
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